About Us

About The Owner

MP Firearms & Outdoors LLC is a licensed firearms dealer based out of Inverness, Florida.

The owner, Michael Moore, is a 20 year Army Military Police veteran, a certified Florida Police officer, and a certified NRA Instructor. Mike is a passionate firearm’s enthusiasts who is driven by the joys that firearms provide him and his loved ones at the range and the security that they provide them at home. An avid shooter and outdoorsman, Mike has years of experience with rifles, shotguns, and handguns from virtually every manufacturer in the market. Based upon his experience in civilian, law enforcement, and military applications, Mike has developed an appreciation for the difference that quality and reliability can and do provide. This added sense of confidence in your firearm can make a significant difference both on the range, and most importantly, if ever confronted with a personal security scenario. It is for these reasons that MP Firearms & Outdoors LLC does and will forever only offer products of the highest quality standards to you, our customers.